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Atletico de Madrid

No one creates mascots as Alive does!

R.C.D Espanyol


La Marina Resort


No one creates mascots as Alive does!


El Pozo


Tadeo Jones

No one creates mascots as Alive does!

Sport Mascot: Giant size lion wearing soccer jersey


Best mascots for all events

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Sun Mascot Costume

No one creates mascots as Alive does!

Advertising Mascot - A botarga rabbit with human size

Mascots from 800 pounds

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Advertising Mascots - two giant walruses of a walrus and a dolphin

Creating the most impacting mascots since 1998!

Green Giant Botarga at Children's Sports Event

The best ambassador for your company

Mate, character of the movie Cars, botrga real size


Get closer to your potential clients

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botarga de velociraptor tamaño real

Our mascots attend most major sporting events

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Un fantástico tigre de mascota publicitaria que evitar que su empresa pase desapecibida

There's no other advertising get that close

Excelente botarga replica del personaje La Cosa de los 4 fantasticos

Capture big crowds in your next openings or promotions!

maravillosa botarga replica del presonaje Srek


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Mascots and Costume Characters

ALIVE! is a Canadian company established in 1983 being one of the first Company's in Spain and Europe, specialized in the design, manufacturing, creation and distribution of the best mascots for all types of industries and marketing events: social events, sports, trade shows franchise and licensing, shopping centers, zoo's, aquariums, sporting & social events, hotels and children's entertainment, ...

Alive adapts to your needs and will manufacture the best product for each event, offering the widest possibilities in finishes and accessories provided with the best quality/price service in the market.

Several studies confirm that Mascots and Costume Characters are one of the best marketing tools that are remembered and stay longer in the minds of consumers, in addition to its enormous potential to generate instant crowds, increase in sales and advertising impacts up to 1500% in both children and adults. Why not relate this with your Company?

Meeting, greeting, smiling, and being photographed with a mascot creates an interaction between the client and your organization that not any other means of advertising does. ALIVE! Mascots succeed and creates the most long lasting impression of your company.